Limited Motion Wash Pan/Tilt Range

I’ve recently installed four motion zoom/wash lights on a truss in front of the stage. These lights are only going to be used to light the stage, but they have a 540 degree pan range. Tilt range is also far more than needed. This makes manual control very touchy and the icon direction indicators pretty useless. It would be nice to at least create motion boundaries. Do people just live with it, or is there a way to edit the fixture definition?

There are a number of things that you could try:

  1. some fixtures have the ability to limit their movement range internally.

2)yes you can edit the DMX ranges in the fixture editor.

The above screenshot is the physical DMX range that the fixture will move through.

How much the icon moves within Vista’s fixture chooser is set in the “main” tab:

The above values are max pan and tilt ranges, in degrees, from the center point. (so the complete Pan range of this fixture is 540.


  1. You may also want to experiment with “advanced transforms” where you can adjust the max and minimum

Having said all of this though, the Vista position cross hair is still going to show you 0-100%.

But the DMX output will be limited.

I think most people would just use Vista’s “fine” and “superfine” controls though.

Fine = holding the shift key or red console modifier.
Super fine = holding the ALT key or the green console modifier.

In the position feature tab you can also see that you can "lock on " fine.

Thank you, Jack. This looks like it will do the trick. We’re in the middle of a facility network upgrade. New router, switches, firewall and access points. Ugh. As soon as I get those bugs worked out I’ll schedule some time to try these ideas.