Offset options

When updating a showfile I like to use the offset function in patch to save time when zeroing my rig

Could you put in a way to copy and paste the offset cordinates from one set of fixtures to another

Could it also be possible to save the offset when cloneing fixtures

I’m not sure I am following, what would you like to offset?

In the transforms tab you can add attributes like Pan + tilt and then off set them to ( in my case ) Zero them so my presets work after fixture swapping etc

If you clone a fixture that has added transforms the clone looses them so you need to do it again

and id like to be able to copy and paste transforms with there offsets from one fixture to another

and also have a auto reverse button ( like we do with gobo spin ) so i can select one side of my rig offset it then copy + paste to the other side and reverse it to save time

if any of that makes sense ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Got it, it’s all something you want in the transforms. That makes more sense.

sorry for not being more clear :stuck_out_tongue: