What is the best way to align motion lights?

I am setting up a new Vista system with old Wash lights and are adding some motion lights. I cannot figure out how to get the directional controls to match the light movement. I have rotated the icon in Vista which helps, thought the indicator on the icon in Vista points in the wrong direction, but the motion adjust in FX makes more sense. So, the question is What is the best way to set up the motion controls in Vista match the motion of the lights?

Likely a combination of “invert pan” and “invert tilt”.

You may also wish / need to add a Pan “offset”, all of which can be done in the patch window.

Please see this time stamps

Thank you Jack, I will giving this a try tonight.

The other thing I’ve found confusing are fixtures that have more than 180/360 degrees of motion. You may wish to limit that in your fixture definition.

I was able to change the Pan/Tilt options which helped a lot. What I discovered is I can pan right to left without an issue, but when I try tilting up and down it likes to spin around before moving up. That is annoying. it just doesn’t up and down without spinning. I have 3-4 hours to work with it on Saturday. I will adjust that pan offset then, sorry I did see the post from wrldtvlr before I went last night. Our fixtures do have 360 degrees of movement. so I will limit it to known usage areas and see if that helps.

I am learning. What I have learned with Motion Lights is get the tilt set so you know which direction things are moving and the rest is fairly easy, though initially it takes practice.