Overlaid Cues

Bit of a novice question - I have a cuelist/cue that sets specific wash lights to a certain color/intensity. I have another cuelist/cue that brings those same fixtures up in intensity. I have faders attached to both cuelists.

I’d like the first cue/cuelist to establish a floor for the fixture intensity and the second cue/cuelist to be able to raise/lower the fixture intensity. What seems to happen now is that when I bring the second fader down to zero, the fixtures go dark.

Suggestions gratefully accepted.

I believe the option you’re looking for is Highest Takes Precedence. If you set the second cuelist to HTP mode (in the cuelist properties dialog box), then the highest value will take precedence. Meaning that the highest intensity value between the two active cuelists will be the one that is taken. This should create the behavior you’re looking for, where the first cuelist sets a “floor” and the second cuelist can push the intensity above that floor.

Hope that works!

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Thank you! I was hoping something like that existed. I’ll give it a shot this afternoon.

You’re welcome! By default, that setting is set to Latest Takes Precedence, where the latest cuelist to be played is the one that takes precedence.

Be sure to look through and experiment with the other options in the cuelist properties dialog box; there’s a lot of powerful settings in there that allow you to do all sorts of things with your cuelists!