Need a multi-element fixture to be controlled as a single element for effects

I have several 12-LED colorbars that are mapped to control each individual LED separately. But I also want the ability for each fixture to be controlled as a single unit when assigning effects across multiple fixtures. For example, when selecting several colorbars to Twinkle, I want each entire bar to pulse as one, rather than the effect being distributed to each LED separately. I hope this makes sense. Any advice?

This is exactly what the “split” / “group” toggle does and within the FX editor its called “GROUP elements together”


But you could also use a blocking of 12 right?
I mostly prefer that route because you could change it later to 6 or 3 if you would like to split your bar up in 2 or 4 parts.

If the FX is running over just the bars - yes, a block of 12 would do exactly the same thing.

The advantage in using “group elements” together is that you dont have to do the maths/counting if you have a mixture of different size LED bars or even single element fixtures. You just get Vista to do it for you instead of typing “12/12/12/6/6/12/12/12/1/1/12” in the blocking for example.