Creating a Fixture with Grouped Elements?

Is it possible to create a fixture with multiple elements (say, 20), but to have those elements grouped together (say, 4 groups of 5 elements) in the fixture?

I’m trying to create a fixture for a square made out of LED tape, and each side of the square is individually RGB controlled. (So, 12 channels. RGB, RGB, RGB, RGB)

I know how to do this if each element is individually controlled, and I know how to do it if each leg is only one element.

This is admittedly largely a visual thing. I can totally just “get by” with using a single element per side of the square, but that won’t look very much like a square in the fixture chooser window. It’ll just look like 4 dots.

Within the fixture editor we are able to define both horizontal and vertical element counts.

For example, you could define 5 horizontal and 4 vertical. This would equal 20 elements arranged in a 5x4 grid. Vista counts top left to right and then works down.

Having said this, Vista 3 almost makes this irrelevant since you can right click any multi-element fixture in V3 and arrange the elements to however you like.