MV console hardware programming...?

This is a stupid question, but while I can figure out the software programming (ie fixtures, cue lists) I can’t find any instructions on how to tie the MV console hardware controls (buttons, sliders) to the software.

The GM slider on the console works fine so I know they’re talking, but as stupid as I feel, I can’t find where to program any of the other sliders or buttons on the console. I found two documents: one talks about setting up the console, but that’s mostly around the technical and DMX wiring details. The other is the long Vista 3 software manual. There’s a note in that doc about “to find out more about your hardware, see its manual” - ?

Any suggestions appreciated.

Assuming you have successfully connected your MV to your computer, it’s a pretty intuitive process. Simply open the console tab in Vista and a virtual representation of your connected MV will appear. From here you can quickly assign different faders and buttons to cuelists, presets, groups, etc. For example, in the case of a cuelist, simply drag the cuelist from the quick picker on the right to the playback area on the left.

(image via Vista 3 R3 User Guide, page 238)

See pages 235 through about 248 in the Vista 3 R3 User Guide for a complete explanation (and how to do all sorts of other things with playbacks).

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the help. Went through the TOC and skimmed the entire manual several times never finding that section. It was hiding there between pp 235 and 248 all along.

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