Midi TimeCode not working

Hey guys! I’ve been using v2 for a couple years. I just upgraded to v3… I use QLab to send midi notes to start midi timecode in Vista. I use the Mac built-in IAC Driver for midi… Right now v3 is not responding when I send it notes from Qlab. I feel like it has to be a setting in v3 because I haven’t changed anything in Qlab. Any thoughts?

I’m using different software (VDMX) and pulling audio in from an Aux on the FOH console to trigger kick/snare hits using an RME BabyfacePro for my interface…somewhat different setup but I’m getting MIDI to trigger just fine…after a little bit of initial struggle.

In File/Timecode of course make sure your source is MIDI.

In User Prefs/MIDI make sure it’s seeing your interface/driver.

May not be much direct help but I can attest to the fact that V3 does work w/ MIDI on the same computer (MBP in my case)

Thank you! Here is my settings in the attached picture. They are the same settings I have in V2… still not sure what’s going on…

P.S. - You don’t have to have a dongle connected to see it work in v2… I don’t currently have my dongle with me while I’m testing, but I guess it’s possible that in v3, you have to have the dongle connected to receive midi timecode? Do you know if that might be the case?

I’ve not tried it w/out a dongle. I can say that you shouldn’t enable ‘timecode’ in certain places in Vista because it’s not the same as plain midi…I know that in trying to get mine to work I’d made this error.

Thanks Avanveld! It’s working on v2… so it should work with v3 :slight_smile: I’m still waiting to hear back from Vista Support. Hope they will get with me soon.