Midi Show Control with s1 console doesn't seem to work

Hi all,

I have an s1 console with a usb midi interface and i always used qlab with MSC cues to trigger vista.
But now i can’t get it to work, the midi connection is live because vista can receive midi notes.

if I use MSC cues interal trough an iac bus it works but if i send those same MSC cues from an other machine it doesn’t.
i can’t find any settings for the hardware midi port from the wing.

I had it working before so not sure why it’s not now.

i’m on version 21919 R3 right now but can’t update, will do asap.

There aren’t any settings for the port on the S1, it is hard coded in with the rest of comms from the surface. The Midi devices tab only pertains to third party Midi devices.

It works without changing any settings or midi commands when you go back to the IAC bus? The S1 works for midi notes? That sounds very odd, there is only one way to turn off Midi and MSC but that is a global setting so it would stop all input. I would be leaning toward the device that is sending the Midi data when going into the S1 as the culprit.

I had order a new dongle (the same) and now it works. Doesn’t work on the old one.

Never knew a midi dongle could die only half…… everyday i learn something new.