Simpler time code programming

Hello !
Recently I was looking at how to program a show with time code in the new MA3 and I was impressed by the ease.

I use timecode more and more often, but its step-by-step programming is often troublesome and time-consuming, while it could be done in a much faster way. Once on the forum I proposed such a possibility, this time MA3 did almost a similar thing. It would be great if, in addition to traditional cuelist programming with timecode, you could add additional tracks and record “in time” sequences of button presses or master movements.
Having a few ready-made and simple cuelists and masters, save the sequence of performed actions and make a show in time code in an extremely easy way. I think this is one of the directions in which the new Vista should go

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I would agree that some way to “automate” a series of console actions, ex. playing a cuelist cue, moving a fader, tapping a tempo, hitting a strobe flash, would be quite beneficial. One of the biggest things for me is flashes on beat. Imagine creating a single flash cue, and then just recording triggering it 15 times instead of having to create 15 flash and 15 fade cues in a cuelist, then recording timecode for those.

+1 from me.


You will be pleased to hear this feature is very high on our to do list.

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Your response makes me very happy :blush: