How to Set "misc" time to default to zero

We are using Vista to fire video from Resolume to our LED wall. The problem I am having is I created a custom Profile for Resolume. I need to set the “Misc” timing to zero every single cue. I can do this manually but I’m programming for 8 other campuses and it is getting a bit old doing that on every single cue. Is there a way to make it default? I made a custom timing, but every time I do a new cue, it set back to 2 seconds.

At the top left of the timeline window there is a “timings” drop down. Expand that and set the Misc timing to 0. That should set it for every cue in the cuelist.

Doing this from memory at the moment since I don’t have a system in front of me.

That what I thought as well, but every time I create a new cue, it defaults back to 2 seconds instead of staying on the Custom timing.