Manual crossfade

Hello hello, my name is Rosario Martucci and I’m the technical manager of the Diana Theater that lives in Naples Italy. After subscribing to your site I had the possibility to download the trial version 3 R1 3. 0. 1988. dmg mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6. We use this software from version 2 and we always had the same problem in theatrical use, now I explain: The use of the crossfade with the fader from problems both in the passage from play with the button to the slider because it passes through a vault. instead when you go from the play with the button to the slider you not only have to make a blank pass even sometimes back to the previous cue. I hope so much you solve this problem that in other consoles does not exist because the passage from manual to go with the button is immediate. Thank you in advance for your good work. Your software is fantastic because it is powerful, simple and intuitive.