Issue with crossfade,,,

I am having a problem using crossfade with a cuelist. If I have a cuelist made up of 4 cues, when I
crossfade between them (using a slider on an EX console) then the the transition is nice and smooth
until I get to the last cue. When crossfading between the last cue and the first, I am unable to stop the
light going out before the crossfade starts. Is there a way of avoiding this?
Thank you!

My first question is … how do you come up with Fat Panda ? :panda_face:

I believe this may be a bug to do with release timing over a custom time. - When you loop around a list the other cues will be releasing. I have added your comments to log VST- 4871.

A dirty work around would be to copy/paste the 4 cues a load of times so that you never actually have to crossfade back from the last to the first.


Thanks Jack,
Not really a massive problem, I was curious as much as anything.
Fat Panda? Well, I’m just a Panda who likes his bamboo!
Actually, when I needed to come up with a user name I just panicked and that was the first thing
that popped into my head…

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