Launch timecode

Hallo everybody
Is there a way to assign the timecode’s go at one button? I prefer launch the timecode by a fisical button

You can arm timecode on specific cuelists as an inserted command.

So if you make an empty cue with these commands in, it will give you a physical button.
The same goes for disabling them - this could be cue 2

Hi Jack, thanks to reply
that you say I have already know but it arms or disarms TC in the cuelist , what I need is (if it is possible of course) assign at a fisical button the GO, to give a kick at the TC, now when I have to start TC I have to push the virtual button of the pop up windows of timecode’s clock.
see you

How can you disarm it using commands? I only see enable and reset

here you go :slight_smile:

Thanks man! You’re always helping me out. Im serious, they should hire you to do the new training videos!

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