Cue Live Time

Hello, i would like to have, like on the presets, a live time for cues, if it is possible.

thank you

Yes. Save snapshots with “live time” set.


Thanks for the reply, but what a really need is a way to change,(override) the time of a cue that already has a time in it,
for example, cue 1 as a tme of 2s but now i need that cue to have 5s, maybe I’m not doing well
but i did not make it work with the snapshot.

Use the “Jump” function. You can jump to a cue in cue time or live time.

If you want a touch screen button you can program an empty list with an inserted command to “jump using live time”.

Finally, the “skip forwards” and "skip backwards"playback buttons also follow live time :slight_smile:


Hello Jack,

thanks again for the reply,
i am almost there, :smiley: :smiley: ,