Cue problem

I have 2 cuelists on my EX console, both made up of 1 cue. Let’s say that one cue is green and the other is blue, and both fade up from 0-100% over 2 seconds. I play the blue cue, and it fades up from 0 to 100%. But when I then hit play on the green cue, there is no fade up, it just comes on at 100%. How can I make it fade up when transitioning from one cue to the other?
Thank you!

I assume you are talking about the same fixtures in both cuelists?
So list 1 is 1 fixture 100% green, list 2 is the same fixture at 100% blue ?

Some things to check:
The COLOR time in your cuelists is actually 2s.
You are not using color wheel or color macro channels? You are using a colormix mechanism ?

Hi Jack,
Thanks for the response and yes, you are quite right in your assumptions, and I picked the colours using the HSV picker. The colour time was actually set to
0s, but changing it to 2s doesn’t totally solve the problem. It produces a smooth transition between the 2 colours, but the second
colour still doesn’t start from 0%. I can get round this by combining the 2 cues into 1 cuelist with another cue in between, and have this set to turn
all lights off with a 0.1s up time, but this doesn’t seem like the best way of doing it. Any thoughts?

I am afraid I am not following your example. Can you provide a short video describing what your issue is and a copy of your showfile. I will be able to explain then.

Thanks Jack, I’ll try and get something over to you in the next couple of days

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Submit an official support ticket if you can. We see those straight away.

Hi Jack- sorry to be a pain, but could you explain to me how to do that?

Please complete this form and attached your files :