How to Remote Control L5

We are having an issue with our l5 Vista 3 r2 Windows 10 and sACN, We have perfect remote network connecting, but it may take a couple of reboots to get the sACN to work properly (or unplug the remote ethernet cable). I don’t understand the issue. These are 2 separate networks. I need to have remote access to the board…is there any other options, or a fix?
So here is the rub…the ACN network is… The ethernet network is a, I have heard of issues with a 169 lighting network, but it would take an incredible amount of work to switch all the static ip addresses over to something else. I will do it if it fixes our issue. is not usually a valid IP address range. This is could be part of the problem and it may be causing Window to freak out. I would suggest using a network address for sACN since this is an industry standard IP address range for that protocol.

Ok, I changed the lighting network ip to, I left the #2 ethernet at dhcp for our local internet I am still having the same problem with the lighting sACN not working with the local network attached…I even switched the ports on the L5 and reprogrammed the ports with the same issue.

Would there be a problem just setting the network up as a subnet to our existing network and give it internet access? Nothing would be on it except the lighting systems.

Any Update on this??!?!