How to DELETE SmartFx's

I am having some issue with my effects, I can add them by clicking “NEW EFFECT” but I cannot delete them. There is an ENABLE and DISABLE checkmark that I can check, but often, the computer will actually overwrite my checkmark and enable the FX again.

I want to delete old FX that I have added to fixtures. There are a lot of extras that sit on my fixtures and it is causing a LOT of bugs, very annoying. If anyone could help me? Here is an image of all of the FXs, some of them actually come in and out of the page, adding and removing themselves from the list, its very odd.

Selecting and clicking backspace
Selecting and clicking delete
Unchecking “Selected” and saving (sometimes works)
Restarting board

From your screen shot it looks like you are running an older version of Vista. Vista V3 makes it a lot easier to delete/stop FX.

For your current situation, on the “Advanced” page, if the FX are “Bound” then if you give those fixtures a new command it should end the FX. So if you have a color FX, giving the fixtures a new color command will end the FX. You do need to have all the fixtures that are part of that FX included when you command a new color.

Have you tried selecting the fixtures and then from the “Feature” tab, using the “End FX” from the Dropdown menus for that Attribute?

I think that you can also assign “Kill FX” to the Soft Keys/“F” keys through the “Tools” Dropdown menu.

Hope that helps

The “End FX” works well from the feature tab. Thank you for this answer!!

For anyone else reading this thread, in Vista 3 the command is Stop FX. So if you’re in a cue or in live, the menu Tools > Stop FX > Stop All FX can be used to stop effects on all fixtures. Or if you have fixtures selected and then use that menu command, FX will only be stopped on the selected fixtures. The Stop FX menu also has options for stopping effects for certain attributes only.

Hope that helps anyone using Vista 3 and curious about how to do this.