FX Master disappointment

I recently downloaded Chroma-Q Vista 3 software primarily because the new FX Master feature. I thought FINALLY I will be able to start an effect with a push of a button. After trying Vista 3 out it seems that the FX Master is not really what the name implies but only sets BPM or sequence. Am I wrong? Is there a way to start effects with a button press? If there were I would really be looking at replacing my M1 with an MV because of the extra buttons available in combination with the function keys!

i always put them in cuelists assign them to buttons. the fx master fader is for syncing multiple effects live not triggering them

Thank you for your reply. I know you can set all the effects you can think of in a cue and play the cue with a button. I try match the effect with the flow and feel of the music. To do this now I have to select the fixtures, click on a preset and adjust the sync. It takes time and sometimes it interrupts the flow rather than contribute to it.

Instead it would be nice if all these things could be set one button press. I like to think of the M1 as my instrument that contributes to mood and flow of the performance. With maybe 50 or 60 of my favorite effects assigned to buttons, I could select them at will to contribute to the performance. As the performance changes, I think it would be nice to start and stop effects on top of whatever background colors are in the a particular cue. It would be like Jazz but only with lights.

I know this is different than how it is usually done but, surely others have wanted to do the same thing.

An FX master is a way to control the rate and size of multiple FX from a single “master” fader or button.

This is a huge improvement, it means you can use your FX templates and apply them to groups in the programmer, whilst still retaining physical control.

You can link up multiple fixture selections and orders with FX, but you would have to record them as single cues and change them to play toggles. The result would be exactly what you are expecting. It’s also not different to how it’s often done.

Just program it :slight_smile: Once it’s done you are all set and you will still be able to take advantage of the FX masters.

Your misunderstanding shouldn’t lead to disappointment. You can still do what you want to. Give it a go with cues.