All FX update


I have been working with vista for years now but still have a somewhat noob question.
I generally use vista for theater performances hence I almost never use Fx and mostly if I use it I make an Fx specially for one scene, so not so much an Fx to keep for later use.

Now I would like to organize and update my Fx templates for more general usage. And the most Fx templates I have are somewhat good to use except that all my Fx have no Fx Master assigned to them.

Is it possible to update them all in one go to use Fx Master A (or B or what ever) or do I need to update them all separately?

And why are the Fx that come with a fresh vista install (501 to 558) not assigned to a standard Fx master? It would seem logical right? Is it possible to update these Fx or should I make my own and delete the standard Fx’s. Is it an idea to share some different Fx templates for different usages just like a fixture library or am I too lazy now?

Hi Thierry,

You will need to update them individually. The quickest way to do this is to apply the FX, assign the FX masters and then save as a new template. Once you have all of your new FX templates you can delete the old ones.

Your question about the factory standard FX not being assigned to the 2 default FX masters is also a reasonable one. I think we would agree. I have logged this as VST-5301 and will bring it up in conversation with the dev team.