How to delete FX templates?

I’ve got a few effects in my showfile that are not possible with the lights that I use / effects that are standard but I know I don’t need in this show. How do i delete these templates so they don’t clogup my workflow/ execute window?

Select an FX Template in the components window and press the minus button at the bottom.

Keep in mind that FX templates can be saved directly to a show or saved to the user library. The Vista 3 user guide can provide more information about how this works. See page 191 of the Vista 3 R3 User Guide. Basically, FX Templates saved to the show will only be in that showfile, whereas FX templates saved to the user library will be saved as a Vista 3 Effect Template file in the Effects folder in the Vista 3 User Data folder set up when Vista was first installed.


Thanksss! :smiley:
I some how never went to this component window haha