How do I patch my led tape controller to Vista 3?

I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get control of my dmx tape controller (Giderwel 4 channel) I have added it as a generic led WRGB and as RGBW. The dip switches on the fixture are correct. It works in test mode. But if I try to bring it up in Vista 3 it will not work. Any suggestions on how to get this to work would be helpful.

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Try patching 4 generic dimmers. If it doesn’t work with just that then the device itself may be faulty.

How do 4 dimmers work when the controller is only addressable to one channel? Is there a way to connect the dimmers?

If the device is 4 channels then the address is the start channel. You would patch 4 dimmer starting with that channel number.

Are you just trying to patch 4 pin LED strip tape into vista? Because I can tell you how our church did it.

Yes!! Any help would be appreciated. We’re installing next Monday!

I had success this afternoon. I used a different decoder box and patched it as a 4 channel RGBW Fixture. Don’t buy the Gilderwell version on Amazon… junk.

Ok, so for context we had a fixture that was three “peaks” or chevrons, made out of 2x4 wood all nailed together on top of each other, and we had two of these fixtures. So, we had 6 lines of LED strip tape.

Here’s a picture of a diagram I made a while ago of our setup. Give me a day or so to type it out step by step,

I’m so glad you had success! You still want to know how we did it or are you good to go?