Patch singular dimmer that is multichanneled

When I want to patch a dimmer channel that is multi channeled there seems to be no possibility to choose only one channel (icon) at a time, only all of them.

In 2.3 it was possible to drag only one “lamp” to patch it. This comes in handy if the channels I want to patch to are not adjacent.

here is a vid showing how to do this :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Hi Robert

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer! But actually I wasn’t too clear with my question probably :grin:

I know how to multipatch a fixture and use it all the time. So let me try to explain better.

When I get to a new venue, I unpatch all my fixtures first. Because most of my fixtures are multipatched (that makes it easy to have a stage wash no matter if its 2 or 8 fixtures, depending on the size of the stage) I then have them in the area below the dmx adresses.

In Vista 2.3 it was possible to grab just one of the fixtures to pull it up to the dmx adresses. in Vista 3 it selects all the multipatched fixtures at once. So if you already patched fixtures in between the field of the for example six fixtures you pull up, I then have to move them to a free area first, before I can then pull each single fixture to the adress I want them at.

Perhaps this helps to understand my question :wink:

My bad ! i apologise for giving you a tutorial … for something you already know :stuck_out_tongue: … but you can select them individually using the command line !

If your Fixture is channel 101 and has 6 parts you can patch them like this:

101.1 @ 2.1 Enter
101.2 @2.5 Enter
101.3@ 3.20 Enter

And so on

i hope this is more helpful than my last attempt ! :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries, thanks a lot for trying to help!

I was actually reading up on operating a Road Hog because I have to use one today and thought this point feature for aggregating channels is a nice feature.

Great to see this implemented in Vista! I have to get reused to typing in numbers in the command line anyway as it seems :wink:

I still think a kind of “Test”/“Highlight” feature in the patch window would help me very much finding the right channels to patch through. I mean a “test” button if activated lets you click/scroll through the dmx universe and the selected dmx adress is set to 100%.

I often come to venues that are not well documented and searching for the right adress by moving around a fixture with the mouse is a bit cumbersome.


Hi Lichtler, thanks for reporting the bug. We’re going to fix this, but as another work around, once you have all copies of the multipatch dragged into the patch table you should be able to click-drag and move each on seperately.

I’ll also log your suggestion for a text function.

Hi Peter

Yes, that’s what I’m doing, moving them around the patch table separately once they are patched. So not such a big thing.

Thank you!