How do I make a Dead Black Out button on EX console?

HI, I have been trying to figure out how to make a true full black out on a button like what is on the I3, that I can leave on the console. I have tried everything I can think of. For now I am just making a Cue that turns off, but I tried putting it on a flash button and it wont go lower than that the intensity of whatever the active cue is. I have also tried putting a group on a fader with the inhibit function, but when I press the flash, everything goes 100% before I can interrupt it. Help!!

Creating a blackout like this slightly depends on how you want to do it, and what the rest of your showfile setup is like (for example, do you do most of your show in live? or is everything in cuelists?). My suggested workflow would be the following, which should work for most setups.

  1. Create a new cuelist, label it whatever you want, label the first (and only) cue in the cuelist whatever you’d like.
  2. In the first cue of the cuelist, select the lights you want to blackout and then click on the 0 button above the intensity slider, to set the intensity for those fixtures to zero.
  3. Open cuelist properties. Where it says “Fader Auto Play”, set it to “Auto Play and Release”. Also set “Play at end option” to “Release”.
  4. Now, this is where you get to decide how this blackout cuelist should function. Depending on your setup, you may want to blackout everything, including live. Or, you may prefer to blackout all cuelists, but not live. If you want to blackout live, set the Priority of this cuelist to Programmer. If you do not want to blackout live, set Priority to High.
  5. Next, you can decide the timing. Set the fade time of the cue to whatever you want the timing to be for your fade to black. For the release timing, set the release timing in the cuelist properties window to 0. (If you want to actually add a fade for your release, you’ll have to add another cue, convert to release element, and a bunch of other stuff that I can explain if you want.)
  6. Lastly, on your console, assign this cuelist to any playback. Using the flash button, you can have it blackout while you hold the button down. If you’d prefer to toggle blackout, you can use the play button to play the blackout cue, and since we set the play at end option to release, when you press the play button a second time it will release the cuelist.

The above steps should work fine to create a DBO button. I have also attached an example showfile. The first cuelist simply has some demo colors and effects on the LEDs, and the second cuelist is the actual blackout cuelist. On the console window, I’ve assigned the blackout cuelist to the top playback on the EX.

Hope that helps!

Blackout Example.v3s (15.4 KB)