How do I create a bump flash button?

From Kyle Simmons on Facebook:

How are y’all making a strobe bump button? I want it to strobe as long as I have the button pressed and stop when I let go.

So I did my strobe button a little differently. It’s more of a toggle.

I have a cuelist that has two cues, the first cue has strobes set to off and the second has strobes set to on. I have set a zero second fade time for both cues. I also set the priority in the cuelist properties to high so that it will overide any other cues.

I keep the cuelist fired at all times (since the first cue strobes are off) then I toggle strobes on with the play button when I need strobe.

There may be a better way but this worked in a pinch.

You can get this down to just one cue as a toggle on and off by using the play toggle button ! :grinning:

So interesting, I’ve done it that way too.
Is there any other easier way ?

Here is a link to a tutorial I made for this on the Vista fb page !

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Thanks Robert! That is definitely easier than my method.

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