HELP! I need a fixture preset for a ROCKVILLE MOTIONSTRIP 38 channel!

Does anyone have a custom preset made for the Rockville Motionstrip 38 channel? I see Vista has quite a few Rockville presets but none for the Motionstrip. We are programming lights for our Christmas services and need help! Thanks!

The fixture profile is available at this link:

For future reference, before posting on the forum asking about a fixture profile, you can check the Fixture Downloads page. Another user may have already requested that a custom profile be made for the fixture.

Additionally, in the future, you may wish to Submit an Official Fixture Request. This is the more official route for requesting a fixture profile.

Lastly, if you’re interested, you can always use the fixture editor to build your own fixture yourself. For the fixture you asked for, the process would have been fairly straightforward to add the correct DMX channels and modes. For more information, check out Appendix 5 on page 309 in the Vista 3 User Guide.


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