Effect Masters

I could be a complete idiot, but I have not been able to get effect masters to work. Is there a manual out for V3 beta that I can confirm I am doing it correctly? Or could some walk me through the process?

Drag the FX master from the top right window of the console screen to the playback that you would like to place it on. You may have to change the category over to FX Masters in the drop down menu.

Then assign the effect to the master in the Smart FX window.


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Just to add onto this as I had trouble working this out when I was quickly looking into the new features. The first step for me was to create the FX Masters first before being able to drag them on the console. I did this by right clicking in the FX Masters space and selecting ADD New FX Master. You will then get the view shown in the post from Ben where he has created FX Master A and B. Then follow Ben’s steps by allocating in the actual FX which FX Master they will be controlled by.