Flashing GM %

Vista3 software is flashing a red “GM 98%” in the upper right hand corner of the screen (to the left of the clock). What does that mean?

GM stands for Grand master, this is essentially your master fader for all output on the whole console. If your grand master is as 98%, that means that your total output on the board is only at 98% instead of a full 100%. So for example, if you have a fixture turned on at full 100% in live or in a cuelist, in reality the fixture is only at 98% because your grand master is turned down.

If you have a physical console (EX, MV, S3, S1, etc.) there is likely a grand master fader or knob on the console. Push that fader all the way up or turn that knob all the way up and that will put your grand master at full again.

If you don’t have a physical console, then in the Vista app switch to the Console view, then look for a virtual console display (essentially a picture of a console but no physical console connected to it) and turn up the grand master knob or fader on that.

See page 225 in the Vista 3 R3.0 User Guide.

Hope that helps!

Thank Drew! I’ll check that fader next time I’m in the booth.

oh my goodness THATS what GM 80% means?!?! That’s super helpful, thanks!

I should add that you can also “lock” the GM in the user preferences. This way you can’t accidently reduce the output or blackout the stage :slight_smile: