Exclude from Grand Master

I’d like a way to exclude some fixtures from the grand master/blackout controls. Things like fixture power relays, hazers, house lights, etc. don’t need to change when those controls are used. I know you can park the fixtures but then you can’t control them again without unparking.

Make a Group with everything apart from these fixtures/relays etc, put it on a fader and make it an inhibit fader and a flash -

it will act like a GM for just that group and the flash - will act like a DBO fro that group

Thanks! I’ve used workarounds like that in the past, but that still leaves a completely useless fader/knob and button on my consoles. Especially since the MV and EX have whole dedicated GM faders, I’d like to put them to use doing something.
The post is more inspired from frustratingly unusable hardware controls than the inability to adapt the software.