Fixture Inverse Selection

Hello, Can fixture inverse selection work per layout page not globally? Just a thought :slight_smile:


Something that might help

If you find yourself making lots of precise selections over and over again you can store those selections in groups so you dont need to keep selecting fixtures repetitively

Oh I have groups for it all. I found this because of trouble shooting thing some some fixtures (in this instance it was about 72 leds).

I just found it strange that the inverse selected everything patched, not just fixtures shown on the layout. Although I understand that most people have everything on 1 page. Not a pressing issue.

Invert is per layout.

For example, If I invert this selection

The result is:

You can see the the dimmers on my second layout are NOT selected in the invert.

“Active” and “deselect all” are the two that work across all layouts.

okay, so it works across all shown fixture choosers. including those on external windows.