Copy Events/cues to Fixture selection

Hi all,

I would love a way to copy sires of cues/ events to a fixture selection,

For example if i had a cuelist with 10 cues that had my washes change colour every cue id like a way to copy that list but have it transfer the programming to my spots for example

at the moment i achieve this by programming all fixtures in to a list that i know i want separate lists for and then duplicating that list and then using remove selected to quickly get to where i need to be but id love and “additive” way of this in stead of my “subtractive” way so i can make one list with one fixture type and then copy List to XX fixtures

CMD string like … Qlist 1 Q 1 thru 10 copy Data to Fixture 1 thru 6 @ Q list 2 Q 1 thru 10 or something like that ???

at the moment i have to copy events in a Q on a Q by Q basis to a new fixture selection i almost want a clone selected events if that makes sense ?

:thinking: Hey Rob,

You have pretty much just described the function of an extract there.

You can already specify “List 1 store extract”. You can even specify certain fixtures/features and cues if you want. “fixture 1 thru 3 list 1 cue 5 thru 10 store extract”.

You can then apply this to whatever new fixtures you want.

Create a new cuelist
select the new fixtures
apply the extract

We would like to add a “copy to” command line function in the future though, and it would likely behave as you describe.


GENIUS :heart_eyes:

Cheers Jack