Fixture Editor to V3

I was building a new China fixture profile today. After my initial build of it, I patched the fixture into a new V3 show file. Everything went smooth and worked fine (except an error in the profile). So I opened back up the fixture editor, fixed my changes and was prompted inside my V3 show that the fixture had been updated. I clicked the button and it updated just as you would expect. Well then I made a second profile that had more DMX channels. Did the same steps, and found that the way V3 worked with the colors of this China profile it was not happy. This prompted several attempts in the Fixture Editor to solve the issues. After the second attempt, when I made a change in the fixture editor I would receive the prompt in V3 to update to the changes. However nothing would actually update. The V3 software would flash the fixture and then prompt a second time. I would tell it to update the fixture and then the fixture would flash a second time, but no changes would occur. This was very odd since it had worked previously. I tried re-patching the fixture, still no changes. I saved the show and closed it. Upon reopening the show file, no change to the fixture. I then created a new show (without closing V3) and suddenly the fixture updated to the corrected fixture profile. This happened every time after I made an adjustment trying to fix my color issues.

Because it worked properly the first few times, I’m not sure if this is something that went screwy on my machine or something that can be re-created. Could someone try and see if they can re-create it?