Continue to get 'Updated Fixture Types Available' popup every time

I loaded a V2.3 show and updated all the fixture types (3) in the Updated Fixture Types Available popup.

But I still get the popup with 1 of the fixture types - Chauvet Colorband Tri 36 channel - every time I load the show. And every time I’ve selected to update the fixture type, as well as the “Don’t ask about these fixture types again” checkbox.


Just wanted you to know that we are seeing that to and are looking into it. It does appear that it happens on only a few fixture types.

It does it on an ADJ Ultrabar 20 too.

Thanks for the update @ben.coleman

Was hoping this would be fixed in the release version. FYI - It is not. :frowning:

The issue has to do with the fixture library and compatibility IDs. Since we were pushing to get the core Vista software out we didn’t work on the fixture library updates. That will be next on the list as there is a need to do a full housecleaning on the fixture library.


I am getting the same issue with Colorband 3 IRC 14 channel.