Fixture Arrangement Errors

Trying to change the arrangement for a fixture and I keep getting the following error:

Could not save “/Users/dml/Documents/VistaData/FixtureArrangementLibrary/Artfox_FPixB38.xml”: Parsing Error: unable to open file ‘/Users/dml/Documents/VistaData/FixtureArrangementLibrary/Artfox_FPixB38.xml’

Any ideas what this means and why I cannot change the arrangement? Or is it changing the arrangement and just unable to save it to the user folder?

V3. R1 Build 18941

I would suggest that you may have a read/write permission error on your computer.

What happens if you right click the Vista shortcut and “run the application as an administrator”?

I am the administrator on the account already. Also it is set so all users have read/write permissions. I am using a Mac running OSX 10.13.5 and if I right click it does not give me an option to run as and administrator. I have learned that if I don’t try saving to the User Data Directory, I do not get an error. But I can save other things to the User Data Directory, such as FX.

The right click thing was a Windows suggestion. I didn’t realize you were on Mac.

It still sounds like a read/write issue to me. The user data directory is indeed a folder, but there are many other folders within it. “Fixturearrangmentlibrary” is its own separate folder. Things like UserFX and showfile have their own folders too. I would suggest you may have a read/write problem on the fixture arrangement folder.

You should be able to manually find this on your PC. Right click the folder and check your permissions.
I would actually advise doing this at the top level too. If you press the little cog, there should be an option to apply this setting to all folders and subfolders.

Once you have confirmed that everything is set correctly I would advise reinstalling the software.
Does this help at all?

I had already adjusted the permissions, but that did not fix my issue. When the software was originally installed I had failed to delete the original Vista Data folder and also my version of V2. I deleted those and did a fresh install and it fixed the issue. It was something about having it install over the top of V2.


Did you change the name of Vista to something like Vista 3?

When installing V3 the name of the application is “Vista” and v2 uses also the same name so when Installing V3 into the applications folder it’s not possible to have both version using the same name.

When installing V3 for the first time, I decided to change the name of my V2 to “Vista 2” and I started having the same kind of problems you are describing with my v2 version, so finally what I did, to be able to use both versions, is a folder for each one inside my applications folder with the names “Vista 2” and “Vista 3”, inside each folder I left the original name of the application “Vista” without any number and eveything is working ok now.

I also have 2 different data folders.