Create fixture in fixture editor


i create a fixture with vista fixture editor, and i used with my computer on vista 3.4, i change change my computer to a mac but on vista 3.2
i cant find de vista fixture editor on the mac!!!
wathever i try to export my fixture but i cant do it!!!
in fixture editor, it create a file user with my fixture, i search the file into my computer for copy and paste onto the mac but i don’t find it…
somebody can help me?
thank you

First thing is that you can’t build a fixture in a newer version and use it in an older build.

the fixture editor in either version can be opened from within Vista. In the patch screen you click on the Patch dropdown menu and there will be an option to open the fixture editor.

User created fixtures are put in the Vista folder in your documents. They are in the Fixtures Folder.

thank you!
have a nice day