Fixture Type Catalogue

Hi, We have an I3 running V2 software. the console itself and software work fine, however the fixture library does not.

Every time we try to go into the editor, we get an error of "no fixture type catalogue found at: '/fixturetypelibrary/catalogue.xml

We have no idea how to fix this apart from re installing the software from scratch??

Does the editor open after presenting that message?
If it does, press “library > regenerate fixture type catalogues”.

Re-ISOing the console may actually be the easiest solution. Don’t forget that this will format your harddrive though, so don’t forget to backup your userdata and showfiles.

The alternative would be to FTP into the console and attempt to manually place a XML in that location… but try the ISO first.

Hi Jack,

Cant find anywhere how to re iso the desk? can you give me some help… or a link to a page step by step

Hi Daniel,

Check out the legacy section on our Vista website:

It’s likely this ISO you need (assuming your serial number is before A13XXXXX).

Instructions on creating a bootable USB stick are also there :slight_smile: