Editing Merged Cues

Utilizing Merged cues, it is possible to have two different commands for a single feature within a single cue. You can arrange these commands however you want within the cue, but any edits you make to the cue only affect the final command in the sequence. This makes it cumbersome to make modifications to the value of any command in the sequence that is not the final command. Presently, you have to rearrange the sequence, then change the value, and then return the sequence to it’s original order.

I would like to be able to select the command that I want to change, and then use the feature window to change the value of the selected command.

When you say “commands” I assume you actually mean “programmed events”.

In any case, this looks like a bug to me. We will take log of it.

I would however recommend keeping both parts of this look as separate cues. They are arguably so much easier to manage. Remember you can overlap cues with negative follow times, or use the “start” function. You could even use the “cue layout view” to assist you with still getting the overall timings correct but everything will be nice and neat in 2 cues.

I do mean programmed events.
I have found the merged cues function to be extremely useful in terms of keeping track of where I place programmed events. Merged cues are useful to me precisely because their function goes against the traditional programming convention of having one programmed event per feature per cue. A merged cue allows me to view in all the relevant programmed events in a single location. If the timeline view, combined with the cue layout view could show me how the programmed events relate to each other, without having to switch back and forth between cues, I would more strongly consider the usage of multiple cues.