Removing insert commands on cuelist

Is there a way to remove commands when you insert them into a cuelist? If not there should be an option where you can remove it on certain cues and cuelists. For example I insert List 4 to release when I play List 2, but then I want to remove it after it was saved in thw cuelist.

You can right click and hit Delete or just select it and hit your delete key to remove it same as any item in your timeline

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on this same thought, It would be nice to be able to “disable” commands. For example, I often use a command in a cue in one list to “play” or “release” a different list. When programming, this can get be in the way. As I am testing or editing a cue, and other cue lists are firing from the commands. I don’t want to remove the command, as it is supposed to be there, but if i could just disable it operation during programming would be helpful.

just a thought


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