How do I use extracts containing more than one cue

I have found that whenever I try to utilize an extract, only the commands in the first cue in the extract get applied. And while any additional cues in the extract are inserted into the cuelist, they contain no commands at all, despite those cues containing commands in the extract. Is there something about extracts that I am missing or am I experiencing bugs (the bug being either the extra cues being added or the lack of commands in the extra cues)

I am afraid it is difficult to imagine the problem you may be facing based on your description.

When you say commands, do you mean “inserted commands” that trigger other actions, or simply programmed events.

I would actually suggest submitting a support ticket with your showfile.

Tell us exactly which extract to apply to which fixtures in which specific cue and cuelist.
What do you expect to happen, and what do you see happening in reality?

We should then be able to further assist.

I was referring to programmed events, I’ll get that support ticket in soon.

I am having difficulty submitting a support ticket. When I click the send button, nothing happens. I have filled every entry on the form and the file I attached is within the size limitations. I’ve attempted using different browsers to submit it to no avail. Below is a transcript of my issue description. Is there an alternate method I could send you my show file? I’ll be sure to try the support form again later and from a different computer.

"In the attached show file, I would like to apply extract #1 to cue #1 of cuelist #1 with fixtures #101 through #201.
I select “insert” when prompted. I expect that 9 cues would be inserted into the cuelist #1, creating cues #2 through #10. I expect that each of those new cues would contain programmed events for the selected fixtures matching what is contained in the extract. I expect all the properties of the newly created cues to match the properties (block/superblock, timing etc.) of the cues contained in the extract. If extracts are not meant to apply properties, I can be satisfied with a result that does not include those.

The result that I currently get is that 9 cues numbered 2 through 10 are created, and none of them contain any programmed events. The timings match the originals in some instances, but in cases where a cue was a merged cue, the timings don’t fully match. All the new cues otherwise have their default properties. Cuelist #2 is an example of what occurred when I attempted to apply the extract as I have described above. I achieve identical results regardless of what fixtures are selected (including no fixtures selected.)"

Please try sending to