Multiple Dongles

Is it possible to use multiple channel dongles with Vista 3? For example, can I use 2 - 128-ch dongles?

Yes, but they have to be the new stack-able type if you are using the old type they will not stack and you cant stack a new type with an old type

if you have an old type dongle you can upgrade it to a new stackable one contact your dealer !

How do I know if I have a new or old dongle. Also, where can I find a dealer

new ones are small and purple. The old ones are a little longer. This is a pic of the new one.

And we’re a dealer if you haven’t found one.

Yes that’s what I have. and I have the old one that we are using now. What is the process of getting this new one to work?

The new ones are ‘stackable’ but not the old. To use them on the same computer we’d have to upgrade the ‘old’ one. Could be same channel count or could increase but that one gets traded in for pretty good value and we’d sell you the new one. We aren’t allowed to send both in for one new bigger one, however.

That would be fine. What would it cost for some different sizes.