Cuelists groups

if in the cue lists it would be possible to indicate the group to which they belong (by numbers), then we can do what is called a radio button in programming.
For example cuelists 1,2,5 are belong to group 4. So, if I play cuelist 2, cue lists 1,5 released.


This can be achieved in vista now

First of all put your cultists in custom quick picker pages ( right click in quick picker add new page and can it cuelist group 1 … 2 … 3 etc )

Now put all the lists in the pages that you want grouped

Next edit the lists so that the first cue of any list and an insert command that release all the other lists in that group page

Essentially the same thing as your suggesting


You make my day, Robert. Thank you!)

Robert, where is this command?

its “Release”…looks like 3 up from your cursor bar

But there is no “Release all in page …” option.

I think Robert meant to release each of the others. you might have to name them all

In this case, this is not quite what I suggest.

No but its very close to what you want,

you simply Put a Release command in for each list in that page - essentially creating a release all in page command

Why put lists on a separate page? This does not affect the logic in any way. Or is it just for visual simplicity?

And… you mean Release all except command?
I do it in this way, but this command release all cue lists in console, not just on custom page.

Putting items in on their own page is just a nice way to group things you want to stay together,

you can then create a snapshot that takes you to a full screen layout of all of these pages creating an organised “bank” of your content for easy navigation,

and release ALL except would kill every list in the desk, this method would only kill the target lists he wants, that would be conveniently in a custom quick picker page all together for easy navigation etc

there are many ways to lay out your content i personally like to have a page for everything that is by type

Yes I understand, thank you. However, the method proposed by you involves a large number of actions when programming. I suggest a very simple method of grouping cue lists, which greatly reduces the programming time.

Absolutely ! it would be a great feature ! +1 from me :slight_smile:

i was only suggesting a wok around in the mean time

Yes. And instead of group numbers in the cue list properties, we can specify the page in which the cue list is located.

This certainly is an interesting idea. At first I thought it was a bit odd but the more I have thought about it I have thought of situations that I could use it too.

No promises but I’ll add it to the enhancement list.


Thank you, Ben.
It will be very useful for me, because I prefer to use cue lists rather the presets in busking situations. And now I use virtual midi pads for touch screens with grouping option.