MacOS Catalina Status Update

We are currently hard at work on the official support of MacOS Catalina. As it happens, there was quite of bit of work required behind the scenes. As of right now we do not have a release date for the official build.

With that being said, Vista 3 R2 has been shown to work on Catalina with the main issue being the dongle driver that is packaged in the installer. Official internal testing of Vista 3 R2 has not been performed as we have moved on to the next build in our official testing. This simply means that it is suggested the end user perform testing on their machine to verify that Vista 3 performs as they expect if they choose to upgrade.

As with any OS update, it is never advised to update just to update, especially on a dedicated show machine, however we do know that new Macs purchased now are only able to be used on Catalina and downgrading is not an option. Due to that we have put together a technote showing how and where to download and update the dongle driver so it will be compatible with Mac OS Catalina.

CQTB006_Mac_OS_Catalina_Compatibility.pdf (302.9 KB)

Please contact if you have any questions about this process.

When an officially supported build is released all users that have signed up on the website will be notified by email. Additionally we will post the notification here and on the Facebook group.