Ability to revert back to V2

I’m installing V3 in one of our venues this week and want to be able to revert back to the V2 show in case something can’t be figured out by the weekend. I noticed that keeping V2 on the same computer shows a different application image but just opens V3. Is there a way to keep them separate or would I need to uninstall all of V3 before I open V2 again? I’m on Mac OS Mojave.

If you keep the old jvz or jv2 file somewhere safe you can open that one again. Vista 2 won’t be able to open the new show file structure but as long as you keep an old copy you can manually open it again in V2.

It looks like when I click on the V2 application to open it automatically opens V3 even though I put V3 in a new folder. Did I miss something when I installed V3?

On OSX the application will overwrite so you would have to reinstall Vista 2 to go back. What doesn’t get overwritten is the Vista data folder. Vista 3 creates a new Vista data folder and copies in the old show files. It will leave the Vista 2 data folder alone so you can use that again if you go back.

On Windows you can have both V2 and V3 installed sided by side however even on there you sometimes have to make watch with version is being opened.

Oh ok. Would I need to uninstall V3 or would installing V2 overwrite V3?

I would uninstall v3 first. You would just drag the app to the trash. Then drag v2 back in.

Sounds easy enough to remember if I have trouble. Thanks!