Control Cues with Pro Presenter

I am sorry if this has already been asked. I am looking to have our Lighting cues controlled by pro presenter clicks. This will help with timing since we use the software version without a controller. Is this a possibility?

I could be wrong, but I dont think PP has the ability to send signals, only receive. You would need something sending Midi or other timecode source to keep them all in sync. Again, I could be wrong though. We always have had our DAW send midi time code and PP & vista linked to it.

I think you’re right also in that ProPresenter 6 only takes in DMX.
PP6 can send out MIDI, but it looks like Vista can only take 4 commands:Play, Release, Play/Release, Flash. An option of Goto Cue in the Cuelist Properties is what would be nice so Propresenter could lead in case the band wants to sing the last line again.

If someone knows a way please post.

I have to step myself back a bit. It is possible to send a Midi signal from ProPresenter 6 with an add-on in the services. You then can sent that to the Vista Computer over a Midi network and using a Midi Translator you can make that a Midi Show Control comment that can can send you directly to a Cue.

We use propresenter to fire our lights every week. You can use the basic four commands mentioned above but I would recommend using a midi translator to change those midi notes to midi show control. Using midi show control our note # from Propresenter is the cuelist # and the intensity from Propresenter is the cue number within that cuelist. We use channel 1 for 1-100, channel 2 for 101-200, and so on. There are a lot of people out there doing this with Q Lab, which is fantastic but a little pricey at $400 for a license. We use Bomes Midi Controller at $67. It’s user interface isn’t as pretty but it does the job!

How are you using Bomes? What are the basic command you had to setup?