More MIDI Control Options

The new system looks great! I’m really excited to try the fx masters, and being able to merge show files is awesome!

One thing that would be nice to have would be more midi control options for cues, cue lists, and fx masters. At the very least, being able to tap tempo using an external midi source would be really useful. It would also be nice to be able to control parameters using the velocity of the midi note being sent (similar to how they do it on GrandMA consoles). So for example, you could set the cuelist intensity from Ableton or Pro Presenter. This would help to give more customizable looks while having fewer redundant cuelists.


Question for you, if you could have OSC control rather than Midi would that be better? Just trying to gauge which way external control is going.


@ben.coleman Both would be great, but I think Midi would be a good first step due to it’s popularity, and the versatility it allows in controlling external hardware.

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MIDI would be nice because most things already have some kind of midi implementation. OSC would be be pretty cool though, because it would make it easy to use apps like TouchOSC to build custom control surfaces. One use case I see for that would be to make a more volunteer friendly controller using an iPad for some of the smaller events we do. However, if it’s one or the other I’d want MIDI since there are a bunch of OSC to MIDI conversion programs out there already.

I second that - better MIDI than TouchOSC, more MIDI compatible controllers and converters for TouchOSC.

What would really be awesome for me is a “recall” option on presets and especially snapshots! Link a snapshot to a MIDI note and recall for example window setups without wasting precious vista buttons.

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Midi please

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It would be great if the note picked the cuelist and the velocity picked the cue. There are midi show control options out there but to handle that basic input natively would be incredible!

Another vote for Midi. It would be awesome to use midi gear like Palette for small, low cost show control. Even something that allowed for individual dimmer control somehow that would allow me to easily control hazer fan/output.

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More Midi please

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+1 :grin: please !!!

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Any update on if we are closer to getting more midi control functionality?

Yes, an update would be nice please. This is still very relevant for our use cases and we’ve been limping by for a couple years now.

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MIDI would be nice.
Especially for small shows with just a USB dongle.

If y’all are working on getting MIDI control implemented in Vista, that would greatly be appreciated.


it would be very nice and useful

This is one of the most viewed issues on this forum, and yet there has still been no progress made. I am very disappointed that no mention of better midi control was made in the release notes for R3.

Between this and the hardware instability of the M1 surfaces (which I understand is fixed in R3, but come on, it took 2 years for that?), I’m seriously considering dropping Vista in favour of Onyx or MA Dot2. Way more hardware options, more customizability, and much cheaper licenses.

It’s a shame because I really like the ui/workflow of Vista, but at this point it’s getting hard to justify.

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the feedback :+1:t2:

As a general rule we implement requests that have more +1s. This user forum isn’t an accurate log of that information, but it should give you a reasonable indication of popularity if you “take it with a pinch of salt”.

R3 includes over 250 changes, of which there are quite a lot of popular feature requests implemented.
No matter what we implement, there is always someone who is going to be unhappy.

You are correct that there were USB issues with some devices, on some specific computers.
This was actually our main priority in R3, and, as you mention, has been fixed.
Software development can often take longer than anticipated and at no point in time have we shied away from sharing this information with our customers. Did you ever contact us through official support channels ? I can’t see any record of your name. We are always happy to directly communicate with end users and help provide solutions, in between official software releases if we can.

Remember that the grass is often greener on the other side. You might not necessarily have better results with different hardware. Some of those products that you mentioned are not even in active development.

We would of course be thrilled if you decide to stay a part of the Vista community.

“Release 4” has not been defined yet, we will do this shortly after the official release of R3.
I can’t promise, but can suggest that midi or OSC improvements are likely to be considered for R4.

I can promise that we do listen and have a deep understanding of our users needs.

Thanks again.

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I would prefer OSC very much over MIDI but thats my humble opinion. Either way I think vista could use it both very much. And to be honest, OSC shouldn’t be to hard to implement I would say. It’s more or less an IP based command line. In any case +1 on midi and +2 on OSC.


+1 on expanded midi support. I’m triggering and releasing cuelists via midi, but being able to be granular with cues would give me way more control.

Being able to trigger presets would be even better. Triggering them at variable intensities… my life would get so much easier…