Chauvet Epix Strips 7 channel profile

I am new to Vista and we just installed Chauvet Epix Strips and switched our console and software to Vista 3. The question I have is about the 7 channel profile for the Epix Strips. This mode is supposed to provide quite a few presets for them, but when I load that profile it pulls in thousands of fixtures in fixture chooser and basically locks everything up. Anyone have experience with this? I’m running them currently in the 10 section mode (30 channels each). Thanks.

How are you patching them?

I have just checked the 7CH version here and it looks perfect to me.
A single element 7ch fixture with in build RGB and color macros.

Submit a support ticket with a copy of your showfile, and ideally a screnshot or short video of the problem. :slight_smile:

I’m patching them in the 2nd universe and start at 1 and have just tried so far to patch one fixture using the Chauvet Epix Strip 7 channel mode. When I do it takes it a few seconds to patch it. When it finally shows it’s patched it just takes up the 1st 7 channels, but all you can see in fixture chooser is tons of new fixtures.

I’ll be able to share the show file and record a short video of what I’m seeing tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for your help!

It sounds like you have other fixtures patched that you are unaware of.
For troubleshooting purposes, if you start a new showfile and patch 1 X7ch profile, do you get one fixture icon?

Here are a few pictures of what I did. I created a new show and just loaded the 7 channel profile in universe 2 and it created 128,000 fixtures. But it only shows 7 channels patched

Never seen that before! However it did the same thing on my|attachment (527.6 KB)