Small FX type icon on FX Templates "label as icon" buttons

In a Quick Picker with FX Templates, one thing I really miss when using “label as icon” buttons is being able to very quickly tell visually what type of effect is associated with each button based on the icon. With the normal icons, the different icon for each type makes VERY easy to tell at a glance (for example) which are your color FX templates, or your intensity FX templates, etc. (Plus, I don’t have to add additional text to the name of my template to distiguish what type of effect it is.)

It would be nice, when using “label as icon” for the FX Templates, if a small version of the FX type icon was in the upper right corner of the “label as icon” button. Similar to the Colour Presets “label as icon” buttons which have a small swatch of the actual color in the upper right corner of the button.