Position FX in Extracts

Working on our busking file…

We’ve based much of our file off Robert Price’s tutorials (and love it). We are using cue lists with individual cues that are then used as extracts. We have a “movement” cue stack that are position FXs.

Here is an example of our “problem.” We have a circle FX with a base position of 0 and 0. (Hopefully that makes sense.) When we select the extract based off this cue with this FX, the mover moves down to that starting point (which is pointed straight down as that is the home position). When we then select a preset position, the mover goes to that position while still moving… this is great. Here is the “issue.” When we select the position first, from a preset, and then select the FX extract… the mover leaves the position and goes back to the down position for the movement. What I want to happen is the small circle to start but the angle of the mover based off the preset stays. Does that make sense? I’ve tried adjusting quite a few settings in the FX engine, but to no avail. We can “make it work,” but our busk is very jerky then. What are we doing wrong? What suggestions do you have to make our movement extracts more smooth (staying at the positions we are expecting from our presets)?

Let me know if this is not clear enough and I can try to explain/get video of what is happening.

Thanks in advance for the knowledge/assistance.


Hi Matt,

The answer to this is a simple one. When you are storing (and recalling an extract) it is recalling both the FX and the position. Exactly what it is designed to do.

Extracts are great, but sometimes you are just as well using normal components. In your scenario, you simply need to use FX templates, instead of extracts.

Here is what I would suggest:
Play back your extract (so that it recalls the effect, so you dont have to make it again)
Open the FX editor and press “save template” give it a name.

Clear the programmer.
Put your lights in preset 1.
Apply the FX template you have just created (from the FX template quick picker, just as you would an extract)
Now apply preset ,2,3 ,4… and so on. You should notice that you can now smoothly transition between your new positions (or apply a new position FX to overwrite the previous FX you just had running).

Thanks Jack.

I kind of wondered if that was the work flow you would suggest. It totally makes sense and will allow us to build our own FX template “library” for each LD. I am assuming we could easily use intensity and color FXs in extracts without a problem (and we have been). But, if we wanted to stay consistent, we could just build FX templates as well and ignore the extracts, yes?

Also, you mentioned this a little bit ago on a post in the Facebook group I made. Releasing FXs… you state that in a busk, you just do not release. You “hide” the FX with a size/rate fader. Again this makes complete sense and I can see how this works flawlessly. Other than using a modifier button (F key), is there a way to get the different “releases” more accessible? On our S1, it’s easy, but we have a fleet of M1’s and MV’s that our teams use on show when busking. Are we stuck to using the modifier keys and a mouse click (yes, touch screen makes it way easier… but we are on MAC)? Thoughts?

Thanks for the assistance and response. We’ve really enjoyed the extension of the Vista capabilities… (more like the extension of the knowledge base and skills that we have).

Kind regards,


You can make any one of the playback buttons a release button. I have in the past made the flash button a release when I knew I didn’t need flash.

I also like using the autoplay and release fader function for my cuelists. Then I can just slam the fader down.

Just reread your post and maybe you were asking about making the parameter releases more accessible?

Ben -

I was thinking more of the “Stop All FX” command/button… and all of the “Stop” commands for FXs that you can put into the F key spots but not on a physical button (unless you have a S1 and we are sending out a lot of M1’s and MV’s). Does that make sense?

I knew about and use the “release” button all of the time. But that is more for a cuelist that is playing; not a Smart FX that I need to stop playing (for a movement, color, intensity, etc.).



@ben.coleman - Yes. Parameter releases are exactly what I am talking about. An easy way to access those releases on a M1 or MV. Thoughts? @Robert_Price - How do you release FXs when busking?

Thanks in advance for the guidance gentlemen.


No, there isn’t a easy way to do it that I know of unless Robert has an idea. Any show I have done lately has been cued with no live busking.

I will be making a video on this very soon but the way I like to set FX up are like this:

I make Master FX lists By fixture type and by FX type for example
SOPT intensity FX list
WASH intensity FX list
LED BATTEN intensity FX list

SPOT Position FX list
WASH Position FX list

And so on

I then crate a layout that contain trigger cues that fire the cues in those FX lists basically giving me a page of ‘buttons’ that can jump to any FX in any list, I also create a quick picker with cues that release those lists by fixture type and by FX type and I have a master Kill all FX cue that releases all FX lists

Using this method I can start change and stop any FX for any fixture type from one page with one touch

There are a few extra bits that help with this method but like I said video coming soon !