Beam off/on before moving in one queue, or many?

We are using four Chauvet R1 wash moving heads, programmed to use 21 channels. Currently when we use them for a scene, we have to create three queues.

  • The first to move the fixture to the right position, with light off
  • The Second to turn the light on
  • The Third to turn the light off.

And then repeat for every different scene where the lights need to be in a different position.

This is very laborious and it seems there should be a way to tell the light to turn off before moving, then turn on after it is in position. However there I am not seeing that option. Does anyone have any suggestions on a simpler way to do this?? Thanks!!

We are using Vista3 R2 build 19525

The feature you are looking for is Marking or MIB (Move in black) Vista has this function built in

here is a video on how to use it