Dedicated Audio window


I love the ability we have now to add an audio track to a cuelist and see the waveform but I think it could be even better !

A dedicated audio windows with enhanced waveform tools like zoom in / out, snap to time code, play, pause stop, skip start, skip end etc

The ability to link this with a list or play the track independently

The ability to select a cue or cue number in the CMD and then tap the wave form to set the trigger point/ timecode point for that cue allowing a very easy and visual way to program cues to a track

This way you can have multiple cues firing from one track

Maybe a way to add new cue by tapping the waveform where you want it, and if you tap between to existing points it will add a point cue for you at that time

These points csn be dragged along the waveform etc like you can do now in the timeline or cue timeline views but with a waveform bias